Build A Culture Of Testing & Trying Things Out

One of the things and Expedia do very well is testing and optimizing. Most of the Ecommerce players in the market have this culture but these two are extremely well known for it.

Have a look at the work that went into building for Business.

We are seeing some of this happening in hotels as well. This is coming from some chain hotels and new technology providers. Hotels have to build this culture internally. As the idea of testing to find improvements is the one that keeps innovation happening.

As the budget season is approaching and we are thinking about expenses for next year. Why do we not have a small amount in the yearly budget just dedicated to trying out new things.

It is not the amount but the mindset that will make the difference. Don’t get me wrong if you have a big budget it definitely helps but the initially you are focused on getting everyone to buy in and see the benefits of this approach.
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New research on how travelers use online hotel reviews

Influence of reviews on spend

Reviews continue to be part of the shopping process for stays at hotels. Ask any hotel who is in the top 3 of their cities and find out the impact it has on their revenues. The internal processes and tools are now fueling this growth to these platforms. There are also tools that help you […]

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Grow Your Direct Online Hotel Bookings By Optimizing & Personalizing Your Website

Booking location aware content

The practice of Revenue Management and having a strategy for your hotel can mean the difference between continued success and failure. Online marketing is just an extension of your overall Revenue Management strategy. Online Marketing is not only about using paid channels, like Adwords and Re-targeting, It is about your entire digital presence. At the […]

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5 Actions To Drive Groups Revenue Next Week

Increase Group Revenue

This is a guest post by Eden Grant There is confirmation that the Groups and Meetings space is geared to support hotel giants and independents, going into 2014. Today, there is demand for unique spaces and unconventional meeting ideas. This is the margin of opportunity when working towards supporting overall rate growth and a healthier […]

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3 Ingredients To Successful And Flexible Revenue Meetings

Revenue Management Agenda Items

This is a guest post by Eden Grant In the revenue management game, the goal to remain competitive, innovative and consistent can be tough. In today’s revenue arena, we need to adapt and drive change projects, while holding on to beneficial procedures and standard tactics. How do you get the right mix of adaptability and […]

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How To Communicate In Revenue Management Meetings & Bridge The Gap Between The Audience And Speaker

barriers to effective revenue management communication

This is a guest post by Eden Grant Gap… Google tells me it is: “…a break or hole in an object or between two objects”.  It is also a revenue manager’s worst nightmare. Let us take a quick look at the illustrated point below. As concerning as this point is, these gaps, consequently, become opportunities […]

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Experian Digital Marketing- A Detailed View Of The Digital Marketing Landscape

Every year Experian publishes a Digital Marketing report and If you haven’t seen the report then I would recommend spending time going through it. Have you thought about Cross Channel Marketing? It is the new norm. Consumers are increasingly moving between devices. They may start on a smartphone and then move on to a desktop […]

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How Did The Four Seasons In Austin Jump 26 Spots On TripAdvisor

Four Seasons Austin Trip Advisor Ranking

TripAdvisor continues to be a dominant source of referral traffic and revenue for top ranking hotels. The algorithm that determines the ranking is a secret. However, we know that frequency, recency and quality of reviews have a big impact on a hotels placement.

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Webinar: Harnessing The Digital Revolution With Google

James Seidman Senior Travel Executive Google Travel

Join us for a very special session with James Seidman, Senior Travel Executive of Google Travel. Gain insight on how to use Google’s tools to address and win over prospects & customers at their highest-engagement points Win business by being at the right place at the right time with the right message across all the […]

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How Do Different Marketing Channels Affect Buying Decisions

Marketing Channels Affecting Consumer Behaviour

As online marketing channels have become really complex, it is really important to understand how each of these channels are influencing buying decisions. Assisting channels play a big part in moving people to the decision making stage. But, If you are like most people who do not have a deep understanding of these channels it […]

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